How Motocross can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

That actually works out to just over $four for each spherical about the course of the season, with access to extra Reside protection and additional content material than ever before ahead of.

verb – earlier tense, previous participle conˈtrolled – 1. to immediate or tutorial; to obtain energy or authority more than. The captain controls The entire ship; Control your Puppy! beheer يُدير، يَتَحَكَّم ب контролирам controlar ovládat, řídit, dohlížet na beherrschen styre; have styr more than ελέγχωcontrolar, dirigir võimu omama, valitsema کنترل کردن؛ تحت فرمان داشتن ohjata être maître de לִשלוֹט वश में रखना obuzdavati irányít menguasai, menjaga stjórna; hafa hemil á controllare, tenere sotto il proprio controllo 管理する 지휘하다 valdyti, vadovauti kontrolēt; vadīt; uzraudzīt mengawal gezag hebben more than kontrollere, ha makt above, råde overkierować, nadzorować کنټړول کول controlar a comanda; a potoli управлять; контролировать riadiť, ovládať voditi; nadzorovati kontrolisati kontrollera, very bestämma över, hålla ordning på ควบคุม yönetmek; kontrol etmek, hâkim olmak 控制,管理 керувати اختيار ركهنا يا تسلط هونا có quyền lực đối với ai/cái gì 控制,操纵,管理

[My wife’s Modern society] oppressed me just like a spell —Edgar Allen Poe In another Variation of The story Morelia, Poe kept the comparison but improved the body of reference towards the thriller from the spouse’s manner instead of her business.

repression - the act of repressing; control by Keeping down; "his target was the repression of insolence"

Plans and policies that make more healthy foods extra obtainable, such as promoting nourishment criteria in numerous settings.

I use my chains [of sexual and social roles] like ornaments, certain they make an enthralling jingle —Phyllis McGinley

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dominate, master - have dominance or the ability to defeat around; "Her pain totally mastered her"; click here "The strategies can learn the problems"

Husqvarna is the primary producer to unveil its 2017 weaponry, and as the remainder of the class is gradually discovered above coming months we hope to view far more factories adding traction control to their motocross products – In particular Because the AMA up to date its rulebook to permit for this sort of systems, as long as They are really homologated within the manufacturing types.

The above mentioned are the main 6 manufactures for most markets, the manufactures under command a scaled-down current market share (presently – 2012).

control - discipline in personal and social pursuits; "he was a design of polite restraint"; "she never ever lost control of herself"

ceiling, roof, cap - an upper Restrict on exactly what is authorized; "he put a ceiling on the amount of women who labored for him"; "there was a roof on salaries"; "they proven a cap for charges"

تَـحَكُّمتَحَكُّم، ضَبْطجِهاز تَحَكُّمسَيطَرَهنُقْطَة فَحْص وَمُراقَبَه

authority, potency, authorization, authorisation, say-so, dominance - the power or suitable to present orders or make decisions; "he has the authority to concern warrants"; "deputies are provided authorization for making arrests"; "a place of potency inside the state"

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